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Brian Campbell, California

Where do I start, I have used all sorts of portable sawmills and spent a lot of time changing them. I have had my Mahoe Supermill since 2008 and have not had to change a thing. It is easy to use and low maintenance. The comments I get all the time now is how accurate my boards are and the particularly smooth finish for a rough sawn board.

I love the cut to taper and hydraulic rise and fall so I can really get the best boards from my logs, this is absolutely essential when you are cutting redwood and high quality logs. I love the timber return, some of my boards are big.

The worst thing is the new ones are better again, John and Ben are always improving the mills and I want the new sawdust chute and hydraulic feed.

Oilmin, Papua New Guinea

Sawmills New Zealand’s range of sawmills are our choice. Our timber is accurately cut, maintenance is straight forward and parts and service are excellent. We use the inserted tooth blades so we can change the worn out teeth on site ourselves.

Matt Stuart, Halswell Timber

Here are some things that I love about the Mahoe Supermill.

  • Hydraulic lift and fall means quick and easy to change sizes as we cut the log to maximize conversion.
  • Taper cut means very quick to set up logs and helps to get the best timber out of the log.
  • Incredibly efficient mill to run easy to maintain and easy to learn.
  • The Supermill has allowed us to successfully cut logs as small as 20cm dia right through to over 2 meters through the butt.
  • Mahoe mills are the best, very safe, very accurate,
  • We cut a wide range of species such as macro, Douglas fir, Larch, Lawson Cypress, Corsican pine, and old man pine.
  • The slabber attachment is very well designed and gives a very accurate and smooth finish.
  • We get constant comments about our accurate sizing and the rough sawn finish is impressive.

For what we do and what we get out of our Mahoe Supermill, we wouldn’t use anything else.

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