Mahoe Sawmills & Firewood Processors

Mahoe Sawmills and firewood processors are designed by those who use them. We are experts in our field, milling logs and creating efficient portable and fixed sawmill and processing solutions since the 1980s.

Mahoe’s signature Mahoe Supermill, Mahoe Minimax and Mahoe Whoppa Choppa are known for being the best quality wood processing solutions in New Zealand. Safety is a priority at Mahoe Sawmills, with all mills and firewood processors designed for both safety and operational efficiency.

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  • Mahoe Supermill

    Mahoe Supermill - Teaser Image Play icon

    With the best features in the Mahoe range, the Mahoe Supermill offers the power to cut the largest through to the smallest logs with ease.

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  • Mahoe Minimax

    The Minimax set up and ready to mill with the fine kerf blades and log held firmly with the logs dogs. Play icon

    The Mahoe Minimax portable sawmill is an affordable, transportable sawmill solution that delivers fast and accurate milling without losing quality.

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  • Firewood Processor — Whoppa Choppa / Slicer Dicer

    Firewood Processor — Whoppa Choppa / Slicer Dicer - Teaser Image Play icon

    The Mahoe Whoppa Choppa (also known as the Slicer Dicer) firewood processor makes chopping firewood quick and efficient, with minimal manual labour involved.

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