Mahoe Sawmills and
Firewood Processors

Mahoe Sawmills are experts in the design and production of sawmills and firewood processors.

Our signature Mahoe Supermill, Mahoe Minimax and Mahoe Whoppa Choppa are known for being some of the best quality wood processing solutions in the world. Safety is a priority at Mahoe Sawmills, with all mills and firewood processors designed for both safety and operational efficiency.

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Who We Are

Mahoe sawmills are designed for sawmillers, by sawmillers. Owners John and Ben Bergman have been milling logs since the 1980s and saw the need to develop high quality, feature packed sawmills for a range of different milling applications.

About Us


“Mahoe mills are the best, very safe, very accurate. An incredibly efficient mill to run, easy to maintain and easy to learn. For what we do and what we get out of our Mahoe Supermill, we wouldn't use anything else.”

— Matt Stuart, Halswell Timber
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