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Mahoe sawmills are designed for sawmillers, by sawmillers. That means Mahoe sawmills are the best quality, with the best features of any sawmill on the market. Mahoe has been milling logs since the 1980s and between then and now we have developed the best sawmills for a range of different milling applications.

Mahoe fixed location and portable sawmills have a range of features to efficiently and safely produce the best boards, every time.

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Mahoe Sawmill Features


The Mahoe twinsaw system has both a horizontal and vertical blade and is a very efficient way to cut timber.

  • Both blades cut on the way down the log and return a finished board with every pass. Accuracy is excellent with the circular blades and sharpening is quick and easy with the sharpener supplied with each sawmill.
  • Blade maintenance is minimal when you can sharpen your blades on the mill. Weld on tipped blades are sent away for re-tipping but with inserted tooth blades you can replace the tooth yourself. Blade maintenance costs are minimal.
  • The accuracy of the circular blades on the Mahoe twin saw is the best. The rigid mounting, the centrifugal force, and torque to the blades will cut through knots, hardwood and wandering grain.
  • Every time you cut a board with the twinsaw, it is a finished board. There is no re-handling, no edgers just a finished board ready to stack or sell.


Safety features are built into our Mahoe sawmills. Both the horizontal and vertical blades have riving knives so the operator is not working near the blades. The built in timber return eliminates the hard work of removing the cut boards from the mill, further increasing operator safety. All Mahoe sawmills are lever operated to reduce the physical work associated with high production.

Operating a Mahoe sawmill is not like running a marathon, you can production cut timber all day, every day with the machine doing the hard work. You get maximum production with minimum effort.

Cutting Patterns

Mahoe sawmills offer different cutting patterns using the hydraulic rise and fall of the machine with the Cut to Taper feature to maximize the quality of boards retrieved from your logs.

Use the Cut to Taper facility to line the mill up to the straight grain of the log and cut good quality, full length boards. When you get to the second grade core wood or pruning knots in the centre of the log the Cut to Taper facility can be used to cut a tapered board. This will bring you parallel to the good wood on the second side of the log to continue cutting good quality full length boards.

Advantages of the Cut to Taper facility:

  • When placing a log into position it is faster and more accurate to line the mill up to the log using the Cut to Taper facility rather than trying to move the log.
  • When using a Mahoe sawmill, you are cutting a better quality board when the grain runs true to the board with no cross grain.
  • Reduce docking and make stacking easier with no short boards.
  • Use the Cut to Taper to chase clear wood from ugly logs.

View our Mahoe Supermill cutting a log from the top to bottom.

For more detailed information on the Cut to Taper facility and Mahoe sawmill cutting patterns, Contact Us.

Maximum Cut

The Mahoe Supermill and Mahoe Minimax sawmills both cut a 12” x 8” or 300mm x 200mm board with ease and the Supermill has the added option of cutting a 12” x 10” or 350mm x 320mm board. As sawmillers ourselves, we understand the importance of being able to mill large logs with ease, we have purpose built all Mahoe mills to offer this feature.


Squaring small logs is easy with a Mahoe sawmill. Mahoe Log Dogs hold the logs securely while you take the top off the log, you are then able to use the vertical blade to take off the first side, with the third cut you can finish your square.


With a Mahoe sawmill, the sharpener is attached to the sawmill. To sharpen your sawmill blades gently swipe the teeth, accurately sharpening each tooth on the same angle to give the smoothest possible finish.

Shipping & Transportation

Sawmills for the New Zealand market are transported either on their trailer or by truck. Sawmills to be exported are packaged in wooden crates and trucked to the Port of Auckland ready to be containerised and shipped. For more information on how your Mahoe sawmill will be transported, and to arrange shipping, Contact Us.

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