About Us

Mahoe sawmills are designed for sawmillers, by sawmillers. Owners John and Ben Bergman have been milling logs since the 1980s and saw the need to develop high quality, feature packed sawmills for a range of different milling applications.

Mahoe sawmills are renowned for their efficiency and usability; qualities which have been built through decades of product development and improvements.

All Mahoe sawmills offer high levels of safety, easy operation and are powered by quality petrol, diesel or electric engines.

Based in Kerikeri, Mahoe sawmills were first used to mill New Zealand salvage kauri.

Over the past 30 years, Mahoe has built a large export market for its sawmills. Starting from humble origins in Northland, when a delegation of Russian visitors came to view the family’s cheese factory operation at Mahoe Dairy Farm. While visiting, they also saw the Mahoe sawmill and kauri timber yard next door and liking what they saw, ordered two units for shipment to Siberia.

Since that first export, Mahoe sawmills are now found all over the world including; the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa and of course in the South Pacific.