Firewood Processor — Whoppa Choppa / Slicer Dicer

The Mahoe Whoppa Choppa, also known as the Slicer Dicer, reduces manual labour and makes chopping firewood quick and efficient. The Whoppa Choppa's in-feed elevator brings the rings of wood to the splitter knife, which slices and dices the wood, and transfers the cut wood onto the out-feed elevator. Removing the need for heavy lifting and making chopping firewood safe and easy, even when you're doing it alone.

Our clever use of both leverage and cutting angle are unique to our machine, splitting up to five pieces with every five and half second cycle. The processor manufactures large volumes of beautifully cut firewood. Customers love their Whoppa Choppa and its ability to cut the hardest timbers.

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Key Features

  • NZ WorkSafe Compliant
  • Two hand operation
  • Powerful Deutz Diesel 48hp engine
  • Cuts up to 5 pieces of firewood per 5 &#189 second cycle
  • Cuts rings up to 1.2 meters in diameter
  • Infeed and outfeed elevator
  • Kindling screen and slide
  • Braked trailer
  • Easy transport
  • Quick set up

The Whoppa Choppa’s built-in safety system ensures maximum operational safety, with the machine only operating when both levers are held down simultaneously.

The Whoppa Choppa’s powerful Deutz Diesel Industrial 48hp engine easily splits through small and large rings , the blade slices into the ring and the side cutters splits off up to 5 pieces of firewood with every pass avoiding rehandling.

Easily transportable on its built in trailer, the Whoppa Chopper can be towed using a ute and is quick to set up.

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Deutz Diesel Industrial 48hp.
Powered with 2 in line pumps.
Fitted with rollers for easy movement of firewood rings of any size.
Splitter Knife
2.7 meters with 4 side cutters.
For firewood removal up to 2.6 meters.
800mm - 310mm to 450mm high, easily cutting rings up to 1.2m in diameter and above.
Hydraulic brakes.

Warranty and Training

  • One year warranty on faulty parts or workmanship
  • Training is free in our yard
  • All Mahoe mills can be packaged for export, contact us for more details.