The Mahoe Supermill is taking the first slab off a large log at our factory


Improve the performance of your Mahoe sawmill by adding accessories custom-made for your mill.


The standard trailer has suspension and is custom built for either the Minimax or Supermill. There is the option of a long draw bar making it ideal to cart small logs or timber.

Slabbing Attachment

Valuable and interesting slabs can be cut easily on Mahoe Sawmills, adding value to logs not suitable for milling into boards. Beautiful, crafted furniture, outdoor furniture, table tops and benches are all made from the solid slabs. The slabber is fitted onto the Mahoe Minimax by removing the blades. The slab is cut from the far end and cuts coming towards the operator. The operator sets the travel speed and is free to wedge the slab.


The Mahoe Sawmills come standard with weld on tipped blades. The weld on tipped blades are sharpened on the mill and the saw teeth are retipped. Weld on tipped blades are retipped by a saw doctor. There is the option of 5mm kerf vertical blade.

Inserted tooth blades are a good option for sawmillers cutting a rougher grade of log or sawmillers in remote areas. The inserted tooth blades have removable teeth and shanks that are replaced with the blade on the sawmill.

Log Dogs

Log Dogs are used to hold the log firmly in place. The dogs are made of aluminium to prevent damage to the saw blade if the mill is accidently lowered to far and cuts into the log dogs. To Operate you push the dogs into the log and secure the dogs in place by tightening the lever. They are most often used in pairs.

Operator’s Platform

The operators platform fits onto the Mahoe Supermill and Minimax so the sawmill operator can reach the controls when milling oversized logs.

Grading Table

A grading table behind the sawmill will increase production and safety. The operator feeds the cut boards directly onto the grading table for easy grading, docking and stacking. As a two man operation the boards are graded, docked and stacked from behind the grading table. The sawmill operator is milling at a faster pace as he is not waiting for the boards to be cleared.

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