Sawmill and Firewood processor at New Zealand National fieldays

Sawmills New Zealand demonstrated their Mahoe Supermill and the Whoppa Choppa firewood processor on site G103 at New Zealand National field days in Mystery Creek, Hamilton.

The main feature of the Mahoe sawmills is the twinsaw cutting system.  The twinsaw is lever operated and cuts a board in a single pass and returns it.

The advantages of a Mahoe sawmill over many other sawmills

  1. The Mahoe sawmills two blades cuts a plank without pivoting the sawblade out of it’s axis reducing saw maintenance and eliminating sawblade alignment adjustments.
  2.  The tension in the sawn board is relieved evenly leaving you an accuratly cut board.
  3. The equalatrial triangular beam has many purposes and is one of the strongest shapes. The beam acts as a very accurate guide rail for the powerhead and is self cleaning. It is constructed from folded steel not welded construction making it extremely accurate with an excellent weight to strength ratio.
  4. The beam stays straight as the powerhead travels down the log cutting an accurate board.
  5. The single beam makes loading even the biggest logs simple.
  6. Mahoe Sawmills sawdust extraction chute fires the sawdust to one side of the machine making clean up simple and keeping the sawdust off your logs.
  7. The Mahoe sawmills have a Cut to Taper facility increasing the qualitity of your timber and quantity of full length  boards.
  8. Saw maintenance is done with ease and accuracy with the Mahow high quality sharpener.

Without doubt, the Mahoe Sawmills are the most user friendly, high production, robust and reliable sawmill in the market producing an accurate pristine product.

Sawmills New Zealand have been manufacturing the Whoppa Choppa firewood processor for over a year .

What do people like most about the Whoppa Choppa?

  • It is safe, the blade will not go down unless both hands are on the levers.
  • With a 5.55.5 seconds cycle you get up to 5 pieces if firewood.
  • The infeed system is controlled with a knee paddle and brings the rings to you. there are two joining options.
  • The table has inset sprung rollers making it easier to move the rings.
  • The conveyor that removes the firewood has had a height increase.
  • The firewood processor is on a heavy duty braked trailer and is  quick and easy to set up.
  • This is a well designed machine made in New Zealand. Like the Mahoe sawmills it is robust and reliable.
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